Use of PCR – Reduction of CO2-footprint

(Upon request) Our PET films contain a PCR content of 30% to 90% rPET – with compliance to all properties, certificates and standards.

Transfer film - increasing recyclability

In the transfer process, the resulting composite is free of plastic!
The metallized paper, cardboard and aluminium is classified as mono-material and is 100% recyclable!

Transfer film - resource efficiency and circular economy

The used and re-winded carrier film is reused or can be recycled as plain PET.
Both criteria ensure a reduction in the packaging’s carbon footprint!

Partially metallized effect film without chemicals

The partial metallization is done without chemical pre-treatment (de-metallization) – environmentally friendly!

Partially metallized effect film saves layers​

In a sandwich, a printed partially metallized effect film only needs to be laminated with the PE -> saves 1 layer

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