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Unique films - Food-Compliant

Partially Metallized Effect Film

Fascinating finishing for almost any type of film,
Food compliant for food or high temperature resistant for shrink or just normal for any lamination.
Pouches, Window-Packaging, and many more…
Made for flexible packaging!

For the finishing of flexible packaging as well as for any kind of lamination we developed our “Partially Metallized Effect Films” with their metallic glossy or holographic accents!

For the food sector our finishing is proven food-compliant (Migration test according EU10-2011).

A high temperature resistant version allows e.g. the use with shrink film.

These are possible with almost any type of film, wether PE, PET, BOPP, Twist, Shrink, matte or glossy. Even with films which are already pre-treated for cold release, for printing and/or for other further processing.
The designs can be endless or adapted to the desired print image. This ensures free areas, e.g., for mandatory information. 
Almost any design and/or logo is possible. What does our “Partially Metallized Effect Film” inspire you to?
metallic glossy or holographic, in Silver, Gold or any other color?

And: we produce our “Partially Metallized Effect Film” without any chemical de-metallization – thus sustainable and environmentally friendly!

Partially Metallized Effect
Twist PET Film

Twist-grade polyester films have the “special twist” – food compliant. Because of their holographic accents. This is ideal for twist wrap packaging for confectionery. Moreover, the films have good mechanical, surface and thermal properties and ensures excellent processability and fold retention.

Partially Metallized Effect Shrink
PET-G Film for Sleeves and Labels

Monoaxially oriented, transparent co-polyester films with high shrinkage. The high temperature resistance of the holographic accents guarantees high attraction!
At least, a good processability makes this film the ideal outer skin for a large number of bottles and other containers!

Partially Metallized Effect Film
for Pouches

We refine almost any film (whether BOPET or BOPP or …) as a “Partially Metallized Effect Film”! Now food-compliant or high temperature resistant! And, they are processed in exactly in the same way as the “non-effect” version of the desired plastic.

Partially Metallized Effect
Window Film

Sparkling windows with our “Partially Metallized Effect Films” attract attention. But, therefore we recommend the higher film thicknesses!

Designs Partially Metallized
Effect Film

Here we introduce a small selection of designs. But, most important for us is to make your idea alive! So we are looking forward to receiving your request!

Transfer Film

Using Transfer Film is the most sustainable and environmentally friendly method for packaging finishing. Because, it delivers high-quality and noble metallic surfaces, which are, above all, extremely attractive due to their brilliant appearance. Whether metallic glossy or matt or holographic iridescent. 

Reason is, that this technology transfers a metallization 100% from film to paper, cardboard or aluminium. That’s in contrast to many other metallization print processes. 

Hereby, our transfer film is only the transmission medium. 

The resulting composite is free of plastic and, in other words, a mono-material and therefore 100% recyclable!

New: On request we can deliver a transfer film with a water-based release coating! Therefore, a direct contact with food is possible!

New: To make transfer even more sustainable, the carrier film can contain up to 90% PCR (rPET) – on request.

Transfer on Cardboard

You see metallization of the highest brilliance. In addition, the cardboard boxes are without plastic and 100% recyclable.
Made with Transfer Film Silver Glossy, UV-printed.

Transfer on Aluminium

Aluminium hoods with holographic designs but without plastic. They are glossy or matt embossed and 100% recyclable.
Made with Holographic Transfer Film CSW37 Silver and CSW17 Gold20.

Of course, we deliver our transfer film on a reel. In silver, gold, colored metallic or with holographic designs.
After that, our users process the reels with their carrier material into transfer sheets for further print finishing.

Transfer film, lamination, Transfer Folie, Laminierfolie

We deliver our transfer film on reel. The minimum quantity is 1,000 to 5,000 kg, depending on the version. The maximum width 1,600 mm, depending on the version.

Transfer film, lamination, Transfer Folie, Laminierfolie

For the purchase of transfer metallized sheets we are happy to connect you to a suitable partner.

Metallized Holographic Film (PET)

A finish with holographic film designs emphasizes printed products and any flexible packaging with attractive spectral effects.
Besides the standard holographic PET film we do holographic Transfer Film and holographic BOPP film for wrap around labels.
And we deliver our holographic films with only a hairline seam line or without any visible seam line.
Moreover, we have a wide portfolio of holographic designs
for our films, if for lamination or as a holographic transfer film.

How about adding your individual holographic logo? For this we have attractive conditions!

Of course, our holographic films are certified for direct contact with food.

Holographic PET and
PET Transfer Film

For any kind of lamination with the PET Film.
For transfer application with the PET Transfer Film.

For the flexible packaging with an improved metal bonding for laser perforation (on request).

Holographic 38 mic Cavitated
 BOPP Film

For decorative wrap-around-labels for bottles, aerosol and metal cans in the FMCG industry (suitable for high speed application up to 600 LPM). 
Any customizing, e.g., with holographic brand logos, creates outstanding effects.

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