You are currently viewing Our unique service – our films – absolutely on time and on quality!

Our unique service – our films – absolutely on time and on quality!

We – CSW Germany – are a German company and therefore “genetically conditioned” prefer to fulfill what you expect most: quality and delivery reliability. We produce in India and therefore offer excellent prices. India is well known as a producer of high-quality plastics and films. However, we know from our customers that many do not want to work directly with India.

Therefore, our unique service takes effect here: You order from us, a German company, according to the rules and laws applicable in Germany or the EU.

Of course, our Indian production is working and testing according to our quality specifications as well as DIN ISO 9001. In addition, we control each of your orders personally and on site – in the manufacturing and before delivery.

And you get payment conditions as they are usual in Germany and in the EU. This is because Indian manufacturers often require payment in advance. With us you pay only after receipt of your goods at the agreed payment date.

And it works: We delivered more than 100 tons of film from India to the EU in 2020 and 2021 – on time and without quality problems.

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